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Even in this age of  digital camera innovations, taking your own pet photos can be challenging if not downright discouraging.  This is particularly true if you are working with a very energetic animal who doesn't want to sit still,  or with one who's wary of anything being pointed directly at them.  Making things even harder is the fact that pets are a little like children and many of them have limited patience for the whole picture taking experience.

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Drawing from four decades of personal and professional experience, Austin photographer Mary Thurston specializes in portraits of animals and people taken  in the context of their daily lives.  Using  natural light, Mary has a uniquely gentle but expeditious approach to animal photography.  The  result is a true "living" portrait, filled with genuine spontaneous expression and feeling. 


Mary believes the best pet portraits are made in an environment where your animal feels secure, whether that's inside your home, in the back yard or at a dog-friendly park.  Each session includes multiple poses for both single and grouped subjects, and you get a take-home portfolio containing a CD of proofs along with printed contact sheets.  All portraits are created in-house using museum-quality printing materials for lasting color and durability. 

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