The popularity of photography with a rising middle class, which wanted but could not afford oil portraits, coincided with the birth of this new pet culture. 

Among the first kinds of photos available on a commercial scale was the daguerreotype, a direct positive made in the camera on very thin silver foil laid over a copper sheet.  The photo was like a mirror, and depending on the angle from which it was viewed, the color of the surface reflected into it, changing it from a negative to a positive.  Because of their extreme frailty, these one-of-a-kind pictures were mounted under glass and set  inside a hinged case conveniently sized to be carried on one's person.  


right: French daguerreotype, ca.1850.  Some of these early photos were tinted with pigments to give the subject a more lifelike quality.

THURSTON.daguerr1.jpg (192409 bytes)

THURSTON.ambro.jpg (183272 bytes)


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