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For many, the postal service was the only means of keeping in touch with faraway friends or family members.  In the years leading up to World War I, thousands of amateur photos were printed as postcards with the backs left blank for personal messages. 

These photo postcards documented every conceivable facet of life, and were a public expression of pride in home and community.  Cameras in hand, life events captured in the moment could now be printed in quantity and shared with others no matter where they were.  Not surprisingly, pets were a favorite subject, and as in earlier decades they were either posed alone or framed by an adoring human guardian--yet even then it's apparent that the main reason for the picture is not the person but the animal. 

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The ability to snap a picture as an event unfolds is something we take for granted today, but for our ancestors it was nothing short of magical.  And while so much of life has changed since this bygone era, in many regards our relationships with pets have not.

For the images we create in this new age will one day again bear testimony to future generations as to how integral animals were to the quality of our lives, and to how deeply we loved them. 

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