Animal Image Photography


Animal Image Photography now offers some of its more unusual images for personal display.  Produced on 13" x 19" gallery-quality heavy matte paper with  Chromira inks to ensure lasting, crisp color and full tones, these limited-edition prints are signed, dated and numbered.  

$85.00 each plus 19.00 USPS priority shipping.  Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax.

Checks can be made payable to:  Animal Image Photography  /  1000 Liberty Park Drive #509  /  Austin, TX 78746.  

Please include the image number and title of the prints you want to purchase, along with your email address if you wish to be notified when your shipment is en route. 

011105.8095.22.jpg (52576 bytes)  

Image No. 011105.8095.22

Title:  Equus Orb (One)

One of the most popular horse images in the AI gallery.  I took this shot January 2005 on the Little America miniaure horse farm just south of Austin, where I find many strikingly colored animals such as this mare.

040308.8438.36a.jpg (72542 bytes)  

Image No. 040308.8438.36a

Title:  Spring Storm

The flowers of a Texas spring are beautiful but they fade all too fast with the first blast of summer.  The blackening sky of an approaching afternoon storm provided just the right lighting to capture the delicate pink hues of these native winecups.

010605.8045.32.jpg (42715 bytes)  

Image No. 010605.8045.32

Title:  Sisters

Mares form close-knit packs of their own in the winter months when many of them are coming into the final term of their pregancies.  I've noted these two in particular over several years because they seem the best of friends.

042004.6432.16.jpg (54446 bytes)  

Image No. 042004.6432.16

Title:  Little America's Wild Thing

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