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Do you have scrapbooks, boxes of loose pictures, letters, artwork and other family items?

. . . .Do you wish there was a better way to share and keep your treasured mementos?


Animal Image is here to help!

Let Animal Image scan and digitize your photos, letters and other paper items to create a customized personal archive that's easy to search and to share.  Your personal archive can be formatted for use on your computer or to post on a remote server for others to see and enjoy.  As an added assurance, your personal archive will be backed up on an archival CD/DVD (known as "the three hundred-year disc") for easy storage in a safe deposit box or other off-site facility. 

Caring for your family's legacy can pose a serious challenge.  Ordinary photo albums made with caustic chemicals and petroleum byproducts can actually damage your pictures, making them fade, turn green or become so brittle they fall to pieces.  Loose items cached in shoe boxes, moving crates or steamer trunks are equally vulnerable, for they can become stuck together, creased and scratched or attacked by rust, mildew and hungry insects. Animal Image can repackage your memorabilia in photo-friendly, museum-quality picture albums and containers to help it endure for generations to come.

From start to finish,  your collection will be treated with the respect and care it deserves.  Mary  Thurston holds a Master’s Degree in Museum Science and has more than thirty years' experience as a curator for museums of history, medicine and anthropology.  In addition to her work in photography, Mary is the Historian for Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, the oldest burial ground for animals in America, where she maintains an archive containing thousands of  historical and contemporary images.

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