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For the past four years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary Thurston, who takes the annual Christmas photos of my Miniature Schnauzers. I always find her pictures exceeding my expectations. She has an extraordinary ability with animals when it comes to getting those shots that mirror their true personalities. Every year I don’t know how Mary will surpass her previous work but she does!  She's courteous, trustworthy, determined to please me--the client--and just fun to be around.

Anyone looking to capture their animals in a beautiful photograph should call Mary.

--C. Jones



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Mary's studio is a dog or cat's home environment--the yard where they play and hunt, the creek in which they swim, their favorite napping spot on a sunny porch. In her photos she captures the exuberant joy, the goofy grinning humor, and noble intensity of my beloved dogs.

--L. Feder



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Dear Mary,

When Riley was diagnosed with terminal cancer in July 2007, we were obviously distraught and knew that we wanted to preserve our memory of her.  Your photographs captured her beauty, spirit and love, and for that Kathy and I are forever thankful.

(It’s been nine months since the diagnosis, and Dr.Greg Biehle says that Riley is the healthiest terminally ill patient he’s ever had. She’s doing great!)

Thank you for helping us through a difficult time.

--H. and K. Spinks



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My little Amanda is a toy poodle who's very spoiled and attached to me. She loves others as long as she knows I am near. While I think I am the one that tells Amanda what to do, I was unable to get her to sit the way she needed for photos. But Mary, with her patience and calming voice, was able to get her properly posed.

It was exciting to select from the many image proofs Mary provided and I am so pleased with the finished portraits now hanging in my home. Because I am proud of Amanda, the photos give me another way to share her with my friends and family.

Mary's photographs captured Amanda's beauty and they will be treasured forever. 

--S. Bibbee

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