Animal Image Photography


Below are some samples of photo restoration and colorization by Animal Image.


EddieBA.jpg (123151 bytes)

This original black and white photo had minimal damage but it was yellowing and underexposed.  After a partial restoration, the image was corrected for contrast and exposure, then a complete colorization was applied.


GinnyBA.jpg (107489 bytes)

This photo came to Animal Image as a battered two-inch print.   It was scratched and pocked with water stains, requiring total restoration before applying a partial color enhancement to distinguish the children from the background.


GrandpaBA.jpg (84178 bytes)

At some point this large turn-of-the-century portrait was cropped with handscissors.  It had pervasive scratches and partial image loss around the head.  After a total restoration and a contrast correction, "grandpa" was colorized to reveal the distinguished gentleman seen above.

picretouchg.jpg (126417 bytes)

Chemically-unstable polaroids and machine-made prints can exhibit dramatic degradation in just a few years before fading completely away.  This snapshot needed a partial restoration to remove some minor blemishes and to adjust exposure and contrast, followed by a color-spectrum correction.


SB88BA.jpg (179220 bytes)

Scenic images such as the one above also make good candidates for restoration.  Not only was this ninety-year-old albumen print scratched and faded, it was peppered with ink droplets.  A total restoration removed the spots and damage, followed by exposure and contrast corrections, then full colorization was applied.


SB102BA.jpg (109756 bytes)

Group shots can yield fascinating detail when damage is repaired and the image colorized--in this case, a dinner table set with party poppers and oysters on the half-shell!
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