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Animal Image now offers restoration and color enhancement
for your cherished family pictures.

There's nothing more frustrating than leafing through a photo album to find your favorite pictures fading, turning green, or disfigured by water, insects and years of handling.  But there's good news: using 21st-century digital technology, the damage can now be reversed and your images restored to their original glory! 

Each photo has unique damage issues and for that reason Animal Image offers three repair options:

Partial Restoration--photos with minor surface damage, color drift or under/overexposure fall into this category.  This service includes red-eye correction, the removal of undereye circles and facial shine, along with minor repairs, exposure/contrast adjustments and color-spectrum correction.

Total Restoration--photos with extensive damage (such as the bicyclist above) require a more comprehensive restoration.  In these cases, the image must be repaired one centimeter at a time.  This service includes the elimination of scratches, stains, bad retouches from earlier times, cracks in the emulsive surface and the reconstruction of missing pieces.  Original colors can be resaturated to bring back their vibrancy, or in the case of yellowing black and white images, their monochromatic tones restored (for extra visual warmth, a sepia tint can be added to B/Ws).

Colorization--the application of color to fading black and white photographs can yield startling results.  The finer details in clothing and accoutrements become visible like never before.  And for some people, seeing the face of a long-lost loved one--now refreshed with color--is a profound emotional experience.  Color can be partially applied (subject only) or to the entire image, including elements in the background.

All restoration and colorization is done on the computer so there is no alteration or damage to original photos. 


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You have two options for submitting photos: 

1-You can send your damaged photo via certified mail to Animal Image where it can be scanned in-house and returned when restorations are complete.  (If you live in Austin, you also can drop your photos off at the AI office). 

2-If you prefer to retain your original photo, you can submit a high-resolution digital scan and Animal Image will use it to perform the restoration.  (Call or email for scanning guidelines before submitting your pictures.)

Once the repairs are complete, Animal Image will reprint your photograph on gallery-quality heavy matte paper, heirloom cotton rag, or artists' canvas.  Your order also includes the restored image on a CD from which you can make subsequent prints at the lab of your choice.

To get a price estimate on restoration for your photographs email or call Mary at (512) 328-9079.

To see more samples of photo restoration and color enhancement click here. . . .

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